Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Autumn Dreams

I don't know about you, but autumn can't come soon enough for me. It's my favorite time of year, probably because it's such a welcome relief from the intense Texas summer heat. Still over a 100 degrees around here, but I'm having autumn dreams.

I love being able to wear sweaters again. Thick and warm and soft.

There's the sound of football. Clashing cleats and smacking chest pads. The grunts of defensive lineman. The cheer of the crowd. The referee's whistle.

There's the State Fair with carnival rides and midways. Games of chance and blue ribbon crafts.

There's fall harvest. Crunchy pecans in their cracking jackets.

And bright orange pumpkins just waiting to be turned into Jack-o-lanterns or pumpkin pie.

And let's talk about all the cold weather food we can eat again. Spicy chili and homemade cornbread.

Candied apples crisp and sticky sweet.

Apple pies with perfectly flaky crust.

And hot apple cider.

Don't forget hearty pot roast.

To my husband, fall means hunting season.

And smoky campfires.

To kids and moms it means back to school.

The sights and smells and tastes and sounds and textures of autumn. Ahhh. Autumn makes me think warm and safe and cozy and home and hearth.

What does autumn mean to you?


  1. I love autumn and I'm definitely ready for it. I just love that cool, crisp air and the vibrant rusts and golds all the trees around here turn. We have one street just lined with trees like that, so as the sun rises, they glow like they're on fire, and when it sets, they have a darker more intense glow. So all day long it's just the prettiest street to be on.

    I'm also one of those people who love having the windows open when it's cool. I leave them open way too long. LOL. My house is usually really cold. This year has been a bear not only because of the heat but because of allergy season. I open the windows even on nice days and my ears stuff up, my eyes start watering. It feels like I've been living in AC since Spring. :(

    Oh, and I love Fall rainstorms. I can't wait. I love when it gets rainy and chilly and you can drag out those fluffy blankets and spend the afternoon curled up in your favorite chair with a cup of hot cocoa, reading a book and listening to the rain on the leaves. Best way to pass a slow Sunday.


  2. I am embracing the return of Fall. We get mild weather all year round but there is something fresh about this season. It's after the long, hot days of summer, the humidity, the bright rays in the morning. It's leaves falling, colours changing and the weather rallying clouds. I love the sound of rain falling, the cleansing smell of damp grass and rain on cement. Fall to me is refreshing and it's a season that rejuvenates me. Gone are the lazy days of summer and in is the sense of restlessness. A new DYI project, perhaps? It's time to get started on something, to tackle a challenge.

  3. Fall is my favorite season! :-) Warm days/cool nights. More soups than salad. New TV shows = a little down time. The smell of pumpkin pie. A warm cup of tea while cuddled up in a blanket. Feel more like writing/reading than doing yard work.

    Happy Autumn!

    Jan Romes

  4. Man you pretty much nailed it with your post today. Fall is my favorite season for most of the reasons you state. I love the coolness in the air again, the return to school and playing field hockey on a newly cut lawn. I love that smell. I love watching football again, from high school to college and some professional. I love being able to snuggle against my husband the heater again instead of shoving him away because he is too warm in summer. I love going to the apple orchard and picking them along with cider! yummy! I might like summer and going to the beach but I like the end of summer because it is closer to Fall!!

  5. I have been waiting very impatiently for September to come this year as we are going to pick up our Autism Service Dog for my Grandson Ryan who will be 8 in November. The dog is a Labradoodle who has been in training since last September. Our family all has to go for a full week of training sessions. We are so ready and do hope this dog helps our Ryan in so many ways. The dog's name is Fonzie. Our Ryan is a redhead and of course "Fonzie" of Happy Days took care of Red Headed Richie, so my daughter thought that our Fonzie could take care of our Red Headed Ryan!! Prayers needed ladies! Thanks! Happy Autumn to you all!! MaryLou

  6. I appreciate all of the fall things everyone has described so beautifully. In addition, I am a huge football fan! Getting to watch all the college and pro football games is pure heaven and makes me a very happy camper. And, yes, I have the NFL channel!!

  7. This week is the first of school. I'm caught up in the new and old of it.

    The sneakers are shiny white with powder pink trim or fat black with lime green laces spread wide ghetto style. Still others flash pink and purple with each jump on the playground. They smell clean and rubbery. This week I don't mind stooping down to tie them.

    The kids grew over the summer. I think things like:

    "Oh! That's what you look like as a third grader. I never would have guessed."

    "How many teeth did you lose last week?"

    "She doesn't have to line up yet she's in first grade this year."

    And "I can't believe they're fifth graders."

    They've been shuffled into new classes. Over the sound of house fans in the too hot rooms teachers are playing getting to know you games and establishing procedures for everything from how to sharpen a pencil to lining up for a fire drill.

    In the cafeteria I help kindergarteners learn how to open up milk cartons. I wipe up spills and dry a few tears too.

    This is a good week to be a teacher.

  8. I love autumn because of the changing color of the leaves. I love sweaters and sweatshirts. Iowa Hawkeye football games and tailgating. I also love curling up with a good book, a blanket, in a nice cozy chair. I like campfires and roasting marshmellows. Also love pumpkins and this means that Halloween is coming soon, best holiday of the year. The only thing I hate about autumn is that it means that snow is coming soon.