INTOXICATING on sale November 1, 2011

Theme: Great passion leads to grand love.

Premise: A charming corporate spy tricks a scientific-minded vintner into revealing her boutique vineyard’s secret to success only to discover he’s fallen under the magnetic spell of both the dark-haired beauty and her exotic island’s romantic legend.

Welcome to Bella Notte vineyards.

Bella Notte Vineyards is located on Idyll, a quaint island off the coast of Northern California. A romantic legend sprung up around the locale when Great-grandfather Romano shared the first bottle of wine he ever made with his sweetheart on top of the island’s highest craggy bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with a view of the Napa Valley region in the distance. Great-grandpa proposed and great-grandma said yes and they were married for sixty-four very happy years. According to the lore, if you share a bottle of Bella Notte wine at Twin Hearts Bluff with a pretty girl under a full moon in June, she’ll be yours forever. Now, honeymooners travel to Idyll to buy Bella Notte wine and picnic beneath the stars.


BORN READY. Out Jan. 1, 2012.

Subject: Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander
Scott Everly.

Current Status: On vacation. Mostly.

Mission: Keeping a sexy, smart-mouthed biologist out of trouble.

Obstacle: Keeping himself out of trouble... and out of her bed!

Semper Paratus. Always Prepared. It’s the Coast Guard motto. But Lieutenant Commander Scott Everly sure wasn’t prepared for the sight of red-hot marine biologist Jackie Birchard in her red-hot bikini. She’s wading in dangerous waters, and even if he’s off duty, Scott isn’t about to let this sassy little mermaid out of his sight....

With a major research project on the line, and a chance to prove herself, Jackie isn’t interested in anything resembling a romantic complication. Then again, isn’t raw, lusty sex— especially with a tasty specimen such as Scott—a basic human necessity?

After all, the U.S. Coast Guard is always prepared...and ready for action, too!
Uniformly Hot! The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell!

Collage of Born Ready from Harlequin Blaze Uniformly Hot series on sale January 1, 2012.

Just sold a new trilogy to Blaze. Here's the series proposal if you're interested.


It Happened One Night meets The Amazing Race in this sexy road trip trilogy as three sets of mismatched couples race to stop an impromptu wedding in Key West.

It Happened on the Way to the Wedding

A couple meets and falls madly in love in Key West, Florida. (Scott and Jackie from Born Ready) Impulsively, they decide to get married and put out a call to their relatives and closest friends to show up for the nuptials with only four days notice.

One by Land
When Harry Met Sally meets Road Trip:

In order to prevent his younger sister from making a big mistake, a hard-nosed, wounded G.I., who’s not allowed to fly, is forced to accept a ride from his free-spirited neighbor on her move from Montana to Miami.

Two by Sea
The African Queen without the war

To convince his ex-girlfriend to give him a second chance, a charming, bad-boy building contractor sails his lavish catamaran from a hurricane devastated island in the Bahamas, only to discover he’s accidentally taken on a prudish stowaway.

Three by Air
Six Days and Seven Nights with role reversal.

On a quest to stop his best friend from making a marital blunder that could ruin their lucrative business partnership, a self-involved billionaire persuades a spunky, down-on-her-luck pilot to fly him from Costa Rica to the Florida Keys.

But Best Laid Plans Always Go Wrong
Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Travel plans often go awry, especially when Mercury is in retrograde, and boy are the stars misaligned. One speed bump after another forces each couple in closer and closer proximity as they deal with clashing personalities and frustrating obstacles, until romantic pit stops and minor disasters suddenly start to look a whole lot like destiny.

And the race is on…

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