Photo Album

Lisa-Lin's kitty Noir, checking out THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB. Isn't he adorable?

RWA 2012

Me and awesome author Katie Lane @ the 2012 RWA literacy signing in Anaheim, CA. Doesn't she look cute in her cowgirl hat?

Avon made T-shirts of our covers.

Me and Sophie Jordan @ Katy Budget Books in Houston on August 1. Yes, we are wearing tiaras. We both wrote princess books.

The fabulous readers who came out to see us. Thank you all so much!

 Here's a picture of The Sweethearts' Knitting Club on vacation in Punta Cana with Mary P, a reader. Isn't Mary an awesome photographer?

Here's a few pics from the RWA conference NYC in 2011.

Me and C.L. Wilson at the Avon signing.

Cowgirl in the City.

Playing hookey from the conference in Central Park.

being introduced by the fabulous Vicki Batman for my High Concept workshop.

Avon party at the Boathouse 2011.