Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adventures of the Traveling Swiss Army Knife

I was going through my purse after my recent travels and found this at the bottom of my oversized bag.

I'm something of a tomboy and love carrying a pocket knife for those unexpected times when you need one. My husband bought me this for Christmas one year.

Here's the bad part. I sometimes forget to take it out of my purse when we fly.

Guess how many times this sucker has flown with me, through TSA checks, since 9-11.

Four times!

It's been to Seattle and back. To Orlando and back. To Salt Lake City and back and now to Anaheim and back. That's 8 times that no one has caught me with this knife. I cringe every time I get home and realize I boarded a plane with a weapon. TSA makes me feel so safe. (Not!)

How about you? Have any TSA horror stories?


  1. Like you, I never know when I will need a pocketknife, so years ago, I started carrying a tiny Leatherman Micra in my purse, but I often forget it's there. I am happy (& simultaneously sad) to report that my local TSA agents have been observant enough to find it in my purse 4 times over the years. I finally had to stop carrying one, since I had to keep replacing it every time I flew somewhere.

  2. Hey, that's a good thing if they're picking it up. I'm alarmed that I've gotten through so many times with mine. In San Francisco they did take a corkscrew away from me that I'd bought in Napa.

  3. My mother works the produce section at Walmart. She forgot to remove her boxcutter from her purse before she flew to see me and my sister last fall. When she found it the next day she thought it was funny. Considering that boxcutters were use to take down the planes on 9/11, my sister and I were mortified.

    Needless to say, my sister carefully packed the boxcutter into her stowed luggage when she left.

    I'm disappointed that you got through the Salt Lake security with a knife. That's my primary airport.

  4. Wow! A box cutter is even worse than a Swiss Army knife, considering.


  5. Hey Lori,
    I have a big swiss army knife and a small one. Last year when I flew back from Chicago I forgot to pack it in my suitcase. They took the big one and the little one along with my mace were not taken. I was told by my coworkers that they have changed some of the requirements on the small knives. However, I just checked and all knives and mace are restricted. Scissors that are less than 4 inches are allowed. Who knows!

  6. Sharp pointy knitting needles are also allowed, which is nice for us knitters.