Monday, September 3, 2012

Don't Wear White After Labor Day

  As the end of summer approaches, I always think about the fashion rule: Don't wear white shoes or clothes after Labor Day. Does anyone know how this rule began?

This poor girl had to find out the hard way. Yikes!


Do you wear white after Labor Day?


  1. I wear white after labor day... but not shoes... You can wear white slacks or a skirt but not shoes... But hey, what ever floats your boats. If you live in Florida or some place where the sunshines hot all the time it's allowed.. I wear what pleases me, and the fashion police have never arrested me...
    But I am thrilled that Deep Purple and Magenta are colours of the fall and winter this year. My Fav colours...I am a happy girl.

  2. I never truly understood this whole thing -- I've never really worn a whole lot of white to begin with, but if I did, I just wouldn't let the whole time of the year stop me.

    Besides, if white was truly off limits... a) why do brides still wear white and b) don't we all have white sneakers? ;)


  3. I'm looking for laughter today and your video was perfect.

    I'm not sure about the rule, but I've alwaays associated it with those Edwardian white summer lawn dresses. It's probably not true as Labor Day came later.

  4. Anything white but shoes. I live in southwest Florida so we don't worry about winter clothes or colors. Anything goes.

  5. It began with the rules of the Brahaman (sp?) women in Boston, setting the style for the lower class, and themselves.

    It has pretty much gone away and everyone wears whatever they want, whenever they want. Fashion has been taken over by New York and Paris and they don't let petty rules from rich old women set the styles any more.