Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Decades of Hair

Before the 1920's, we didn't have much choice in hairstyles. Everyone had long hair and wore it in a bun or fancy updo. After the suffrage movement, women began to change their attitudes and hairstyles.

1920s  Flappers cut their hair short to signify a new freedom for women.

1930s  A return to a more feminine style. Dying the hair platinum blonde was also popular.

1940s  Short is out and long is back in vogue. Red was the color of choice.

1950s  Short and wavy with high, sweeping bangs topped the hair fashion.


1960s  A short cut with lots of waves was the style for more mature ladies. The long, straight hair of the later 60s was popular with younger women. It's interesting to think how the Flappers cut their hair to show their freedom, but the Hippies of the 60s grew their hair long to show their freedom. Counter culture ideas I guess.

1970s  Wings! I had them, did you? I think they are making a comeback.

1980s  Hair was really abused during this decade. We permed, curled, teased, and sprayed it until we all had split ends.

1990s  The Rachel  brought in a new way of layering and styling. Highlights were also introduced.

2000s  Hello flat iron. I love mine!

2010s  Anything you want! Hooray!!!!!

What is your favorite hairstyle?


  1. Loved the post Lori! I've always been intrigued by hairstyles and fashions of the past. The 20's and 40's are a favorite.

    Hairstyles for my hair? Hmm...anything that will stay in place and look good by the end of the day. lol

  2. I love the 20s styles. I'm such a vintage girl.