Thursday, April 5, 2012

Growing Garden

I'm so excited! My garden is starting to grow. We have had lots of rain and warm weather to help it along.





 snow peas



I never get tired of seeing plants sprout!

Happy Spring!


  1. I can't wait until the vegetables garden really take root. For now they're in tiny pots inside but when the warmer gets warmer we'll put it outside :)

    1. What kinds of vegetables do you like to plant?

  2. We have the seedlings started for a bunch of tomato plants but of course chance of frost outside still so cant plant my raised garden outside till mid april then we will plant our huge one on the land we own till just after i prefer my small garden at the house the dogs and i watch it every day,,,yours is so neat that is great that your babies are sprouting thru that is so exciting to watch you must be proud

    1. I am proud. I really get excited when I see tiny vegetables start to grow on the plants. What do you like to grow in your big garden?

  3. Ours are in pots in the sunroom as its too early to put them in the ground in Michigan, but they are definitely starting to sprout up and getting bigger everyday!