Monday, July 2, 2012

Out of My Cave

I'm out of my writing cave. For a day anyway. Just finished book #1 of the Cupid, Texas series. Tomorrow I start book #2 for ny Blaze road trip series. Gotta have that one done before the RWA national conference.

There's all kinds of fun things I want to do on my one day off for the next month, but alas, grocery shopping and house cleaning will steal away the day.

What about you? What are your plans for July?


  1. July is my month to go on a road trip to Rose City, Michigan. We have a reunion. I haven't been back since 1999. I get to take my daughter and my grandbaby! Instead of going up I-75 like we have done ALLLLLL my life, I found a new route that will take us through Indiana. I like to add a new state to my "list of places I have been", as often as I can. Last year I went to New Hampshire and Maine. A 16 hour drive with an 8 month old will be fun! I am also going to take the placement test at the local college to go back to school with my daughter. July is going to be a great month for new things!

  2. We are having a cookout with our family and my newly-engaged son's future in-laws. Happy 4th, everyone!

  3. We have no major plans for July but my son, daughter in law and four grandchildren are coming to Mi in August. I am so looking forward to that visit!! The only thing that would make it better would be if my family in Wisconsin with my two other grandchildren could be here as well!! Happy Independence Day everyone and remember: If you go forth on the fourth with a fifth, you may not go forth on the fifth! Be careful and be safe!!

  4. There's a Harry Potter convention in Florida I'm attending with my daughter next week. Then I'm spending a week with my Dad in Phoenix (Ack! Hope I don't melt.)

    Next month a couple of fan fiction writing buddies and I are writing novels in Camp Wrimo. (Yep, I'm still riding around on training wheels.)

    It seems like July is so busy for you. Can't wait for your new novels!

  5. I started out July with our Canada Day Celebrations on the 1st and also my cousin's oldest daughter is the same day. So we have a dual celebrations.. I was at her house from Sunday and got back last night.. I was so tired I was in bed by 9pm. Something I have never ever done after one of these weekend.. Ah... I am getting old... darn.
    The rest of July should be a lazy one. No real plans... just being sponteneous... more fun that way and it will give me time to read all these many, many, many great books on my tbr shelf.

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