Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Might be a Princess if....

As a fun way to kick start the release of The Cowboy and The Princess on July 31st...

We're playing You Might be a Princess if... on Twitter.
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Today's: You Might be a Princess have to ditch your bodyguard to get some me time.

Leave a comment and you'll be entered in a drawing to win a $25.00 Barnes and Noble gift card on July 31.


  1. How good looking are those body guards? You may not need the alone time.

  2. @debi: LOL, that was my 1st thought too :-)
    @Lori Wilde: Maybe she ditches her bodyguard to have some "me-time" but I'm sure he will chase her and rescue her from a seriously horrible sitation, then she will be soooo greatful and.... Darn, I'm reading to much romantic suspence ;-)

  3. Ah.. a princess if you have to make a quick getaway, take along some chocolate, it gets you through anything....even a handsome bodyguard...

  4. See- THAT works! The "that" is the end of July deadline! I'm not supposed to be buying books until AFTER the thing in Anaheim- 'cause I'm supposed to buy books there. Is it killing me? Yes! Am I thankful for the yesterday's Amazon thing? Absolutely- but now I have to buy something else there.... *sigh* Yeah- I may be a princess.... :o)

  5. I'm looking forward to this book. I missed the deadline last night for your contest but pre-ordered it anyway!

    There's no "might" for husband tells me I'm a princess all the time!!

  6. I hope Amazon sends it out sooner I can't wait to read it!

  7. Congrats on book, sound great, imbelive in hea whoo,
    Ty for great giveaway

  8. I would say:

    You might be a princess if you can't boil water.

  9. If your frog turns into a prince. I have nothing so sad.

    Stacy S

  10. You might be a princess if your step-mom's trying to off you.

  11. You might be a princess if...
    your face is on the cover of every magazine
    you set fashion trends
    you have a closet just for your hats
    you have a fairy-tale wedding

  12. You might be a princess if...
    You have someone that will carry around the stack of books you're currently reading!

  13. You might be a princess if you have evil step sisters out to get your prince charming