Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crazy Purses

I'm so boring when it comes to purses. I usually have one bag that I use for every occasion. After seeing these neat purses, I'm inspired to be a little more creative.

Chicken in a Basket

 Travel Bag
 Brief Case
 Trash Bag
 Bag of Buns
 So Tweet
 You Light Up My Life 

 Lunch Bag

Eye Bags

  Mail Bag

I would really love to have the purse that lights up when you open it! I think it would be very helpful. Which purse do you like best.?


  1. Love the bags! Chicken in a basket for me, please!
    Coming in a close 2nd--Mail Bag.

  2. I am like you too Lori. I have a regular bag that everything fits in. I think the lunch bag and the mail bag are the cutest but I don't know how I would even fit my wallet in some of those tiny things.

  3. Oh Wow. My daughter would flip seeing these. They are all so cool. My two favorites are the fish bowl and the bird. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  4. Practically speaking, the eye bag and the mailbag are the ones I like the most. The illuminated from the inside purse is very practical and a lot of purses now (even from the most local of department stores) come with a little light in them. I'm not one bothered by dark interiors, but I have friends who are and they've solved their problem by purchasing purses that have different/brightly colored material for the lining. It makes it much easier to find, say, a black wallet and car keys against a light turquoise interior vs. a black interior.

    Now, me, I'm a purse junkie. They've always been my thing. When I was in high school, I used to change purses every couple of weeks and I always went for the odd ones.


  5. I kind of like those Brief bags.. I think they would be a good conversation piece.

  6. The mail bag is cute, but I could never fit all my stuff in it. I am a big purse lady because my purse is my survival kit. LOL

  7. The lunch bag is cool! It looks almost normal and a little bit classy. Maybe, I'll buy it.

  8. I want the Travel Bag and So Tweet bags. They're so cute!

  9. The travel bag is hot. I love it.It would be my first choice if I saw it in a store. Its just my style..

  10. Its a toss up between So Tweet and the Mail Bag. Either one would be cute for the novelty.