Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Evolution of the Jell-O Mold

Well, I missed it. Last week was National Jell-O Week. How could I have forgotten! If you were like me, you grew up eating lots of Jell-O. I loved it and all the neat molds.

Here is a mold from the late 1800's. Did you know Jell-O was invented in 1845?

Here is a mold from the early 1900's. It is made from copper.

In the 1920's, ceramic molds were used.

Steel molds were created.

Aluminum molds came next.

Then glass molds were used.

I remember my mother had some of these copper molds.

And now we have plastic molds.

All this writing has made me want some Jell-O. I think I will go make Jell-O and vegetables like is suggested in this commercial. lol

Are you a big Jell-O fan? Do you have any special memories of the wiggly dessert?


  1. Every year I look forward to a strawberry and mini marshmallow Jell-O my aunt makes every Thanksgiving. And every once in a while I have to make a creamy orange Jell-O. I get raves on that one and lots of recipe requests. But then what's not to like about a mold that requires a pint of vanilla Haagen Daz? *grin*

    I recognize several of those molds, especially the copper fish one. My mom used to have them hanging on the kitchen wall when I was a kid.

    These days, in a pinch, I'll grab the individual Jell-O servings from my local grocery store. I have to do the sugar free ones though, the regular are just way too sweet.


  2. LOL My Mom had a few of these molds one the fish but I would not eat any of it because I thought it would taste like fish and I hated fish! Thanks for the laugh! I forgot all about these till now!

  3. I like Jello, but I have never made it in a mold.. I usually just set it in indvidual dessert cups.

    My aunt is a great one for making fancy Jello moulds with fruit and such. Jello to me is just a dessert. We never had them on the dinner table..

  4. Kathleen, you reminded me... my grandmother used to make "stained glass jell-o" -- cubes of different colored jell-o arranged and suspended in a mold so that, when you slide it, it looks like a stained glass mosaic. I never had the patience to ever recreate it.