Friday, February 24, 2012

Social Media is for the Birds!

Words From the Birds of Cyber Land

Hey, I'm online and this is My Space.

I can just picture myself on the blue screen of happiness.

 Well, I'll swan. Did I download all this by accident?

 Text, text, text . . . I'll bet your bill is longer than mine. 
 You'll want to save me under "Favorites." Do it now!

I've been cleaning out my in box: lots of hoots, no tweets.

I stole this from a mouse; his battery was down.

  You have been tweeting far too much lately.

  I do a celebrity blog; I have a nose for that kind of news.
  In my youth I had a big Bluetooth too, but I lost it.

  It's all default of de ducks. How's dat?

Now get out of Bird Land and get back to work. You hear?


  1. Hey Lori, I can only see the pic of the swan with her babies, but it was so CUTE! :) Hope you're doing well!! :)

  2. I can only get the swan and babies picture as well, but I got the text that goes with the other pics. Have a great day!

  3. Oh these were all so cute.. Thanks for the smile they brought me.

  4. from one animal lover to another "thank you!".
    I love the picture of the baby duck and the swan. i have incubated and raised ducks for my daughters and they are just the cutest and sweetest thing. When the baby ducks would be big enough for the water we would start them off in a baby pool, then moved them to visiting the pond in the backyard. As the ducks grew it would get harder and harder to herd them out of the pond to put them up in the brooder for safety until they were all grown up. Oh but they were cute when they considered us mama and followed us everywhere.