Friday, March 9, 2012

Custom Made

I've been told one way to tell a real cowboy from a "dime store" cowboy is by what they wear. Cowboys often prefer to have custom, handmade items. They want something unique and that will last for many years.

Handmade spurs are a must. Antique spurs are also a hot collector item for cowboys.

No real cowboy would be caught wearing a store-bought belt buckle. Most are crafted to show what event they have won or to reflect their personal style.

Boots need to be designed to take heavy use. Handmade boots are made to endure the rigors of ranch life.

The cowboy's hat is the first thing you notice, so it has to the right style. It also indicates what kind of cowboy/cowgirl you are. For example, a bull rider's hat is formed differently than a team roper's hat. Never buy a cheap cowboy hat!

A finely crafted saddle is an absolute necessity. Saddle makers are highly skilled artists. Check out my friend Paula Gauthier's brother's saddle shop at

Do any of you have any handmade/custom items? Someday, I would like to have some boots made.


  1. Great post, Lori! I could look at pics of cowboy gear all day long. I especially love those boots.

  2. I would love handmade boots, but shall settle for my Justin ropers. Very comfy.