Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rodeo Clown

A rodeo clown may look funny, but there job definitely if not. These brave performers continually risk their lives to save others. They are also known as bullfighters or rodeo protection athletes. It is their job to distract the bull from the rider after he has been bucked off. It is an extremely dangerous job!


  1. A dangerous job indeed. I'm scared for the bullfighters and to think how risky it is for the rodeo clown to go in there and distract the bull, it's quite a thought! Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. I have a great respect for the bullfighters in the PBR and those at rodeos. They sometimes catch the brunt of a bull in order to protect the rider. It looks like one scary job to me.

  3. I think these people have the bravest job of all... They have to be really good at there job to stay alive...
    Not a job I would do, so my Hats off to them..

    PS I was just notified that my copy I pre-ordred of The Cowboy Takes a Bride is on it's way to me... Yippee...