Thursday, March 22, 2012

Horse Care

Taking care of a 900 pound animal is not easy. Horses need lots of attention. Here are a few basics tips on keeping a horse healthy.

Horses eat a lot! If possible, they need to graze on fresh green grass. If it is winter or if your horse stays in a stall,  you will need to give them hay every day. Good choices for horse hay are coastal or alfalfa. Depending on how much you use your horse, you will need to give them a serving of grains once or twice a day.

Horses must have access to clean water. A horse can drink up to 20 gallons of water in the summer heat!

It is important to groom your horse. Always brush and comb your horse before you put a saddle on her. You don't want to have a burr stuck under the saddle. Your horse will not be happy!

Horses, like all animals, get worms. You will need to worm your horse every 90 days. You can buy the worm paste at farm and ranch supply stores.

A horse's teeth will continue to grow throughout it's lifetime. It is necessary to check their teeth often. Sometimes, the teeth will become sharp and jagged. This causes discomfort for the horse when they are eating. If this occurs, you will need to have their teeth "floated" The vet or someone trained to do this will file the horse's teeth to a smooth surface. Never do this yourself!

Horses' hooves will split and crack. You will need to call a farrier to trim them. If you ride a horse a lot, you will need to have shoes put on them. You should never do this yourself either. This job takes great skill.

Make sure the area you are keeping your horse is free from debris. It is easy for a horse to get cut or stumble in a junky area. Never put a horse in an area with barbed wire. The fencing should be made from slick wire.

If your horse stays confined to a stall, you must take her out for at least an hour a day for exercise. You will also need to clean their poop from the stall regularly.

There is lots to taking care of your horse. Keeping them safe and healthy is hard work. If you are a horse lover, you won't mind it a bit!


  1. Chock full of good info. Thank you!

  2. Great info. I won't even tell you about the time we had to wash our daughter's horse the night before a Christmas parade. In the garage. So we could use warm water. Yeah. Dangerous. Luckily Blue was an easygoing guy and just thought we were all nuts.

  3. Interesting. I had no idea a horse's teeth continually grow.

  4. Just have to say that your site is terrific. Between it and the photos on the Texas Hill Country site, I have major homesickness. Anxious to read THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE. Love the Twilight series.

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