Monday, March 5, 2012

Guess Who Has a Birthday Today?

Why, the best-selling cookie of the 21st Century, of course, and it's 100 years old.

On March 6,1912, the very first OREO rolled off the line at the Chelsea Market Bakery in Manhattan.

Sometime during all those years, OREOs became closely associated with milk.

 Kids just could not get enough.

OREO dunking was in vogue; special sousing tools were used. 

Bakery execs called for BIRTHDAY CAKE OREOs in limited edition to mark the 100th Anniversary. 


A regular birthday cake will be provided. But it's symbolic. Everyone will eat OREOs.

And "Happy Birthday to You," will be superseded by...

Are you an Oreo cookie fan? I love them!


  1. I've never been an Oreo fan. :::hangs head in shame::: I just never liked the filing. Now the almond windmill cookies... those were my *favorite* as a kid.


    1. I like just the plain Oreo. The double stuff and crazy flavors are not for me. I like windmill cookies too. They aren't too sweet.

  2. The chocolate Oreo is the best!!!

  3. I love Oreo Cookies! They're the only "store-bought" cookies we keep in the house.

  4. I love Oreos! And those birthday cake Oreos are evil they're so delicious. :9