Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planting Potatoes

I had a great time planting potatoes.

First, I tilled 2 rows.

Then, I put the potatoes in the rows about 2 feet apart.

I brought out the compost I had been making since fall.

I put a scoop on top of each potato.

Next, I covered each potato with dirt.

Finally, I watered each potato.

That was lots of fun. Have any of you planted anything yet?


  1. usually just seeds or plants i've started in the house. always wondered how to do potatoes. lot of work no matter how they are done. do you think in the longrun it's all worth it? is it cheaper to grow them in your backyard?

    thanks for sharing!

  2. I have planted flowers and that is about it.. I look after all my landlady's plants while she is away and my own two Orchids. But I am not much of a "planter"...Digging in soil is just not my thing. But i admire it in others...

  3. I have a backyard the size of maybe a couple of postage stamps. I plant more for the "silly.". I did corn one year- had more fun with telling the husband I was the corn field- so I didn't get to whatever he had been hoping I'd do... Oh! There's pineapple there now... Pineapple involves planting the tops of the pineapple you buy. This only works if you buy a pineapple fresh. Don't bother planting the top of a can.. Works as a potted plant too... Do NOT hold your breath for a harvest...

  4. My husband has started some seeds but we can't really plant anything outside until April. With the warm winter this year though things are already starting to grow a bit outside.

  5. So very cool!! I can remember as a kid planting tobacco...loved it!!! And also enjoy planing my own garden too!! You live in the country just as I do and I love it!!!