Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Fun

Saw this and just had to share.

So are you a fan of Halloween? Do you decorate your house? Dress up? Have a party? Me, I'm a fuddy-dud. I like to watch other people get into it, though.


  1. Saw this on the news. It takes a true Halloween lover to put this much time, money and effort into doing this. Of course, people love to see it and that's what it's all about.

    I tend to be the fuddy-duddy type too but find it's cute to see others really get into it. We live in a condo and thus have no kids coming around trick-or-treating. That's fine but it does seem strange to not buy candy for Halloween. Hubby and I don't care for it so any candy around our place just sits. BUT - ice cream - now that's a different story. We're convinced that there is an ice cream gremlin hiding somewhere because surely WE aren't eating it up that fast, are we???

    Sorry, I digress! :-) Happy Halloween, Lori!

  2. This is great.. I can imagine what they do for the next holiday season... WOW

    I don't do much for Halloween... I like to see the kids all dressed up, expecially those little tykes...

    Have a great Halloween!!!!!

  3. Last night was the city-wide Math Spooktacular. Unsuspecting children dressed in costumes completed pumpkin related arithmetic. I was in charge of the estimation jars full of Skittles, Nerds and Laffy Taffies.

    For Halloween I'm dressing as a character from a team building business self help book. The fifth grade teachers each chose a character from it. I'm Jan, the overly solicitous mothering character. The book was required reading at our school this year. I wish the author had taken a couple of your classes because as a writer, he's a great businessman. The kids won't get it, but the staff will laugh.

  4. Oh.My.Goodness!! That was amazing. I always enjoyed the Christmas lights when people go all out but to do it for Halloween too is over the top! I live in a new neighborhood and there are tons of kids but they don't come to my house to get their candy. they have to climb a hill and I guess my house looks too foreboding and don't want to bother.(sad eyes) OH well. Don't plan to get the candy this year because it isn't worth the extra pounds I would gain to eat it when I can't give it away.

  5. I saw this a few days ago! Lots of fun. :) I'm such a fan of Halloween and yet never really do anything for it. I don't even get trick or treaters at the door (condo). But every year I hunt down specials on TV that talk about putting together amazingly outrageous Halloween Parties for adults because one of these years I swear I'm going to throw one complete with fabulous costumes, decorations, food, and music.


  6. So entertaining!!! Of course, I wouldn't think that if I were the neighbors of this house!