Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quick Question

I'm out of town, but have a quick question. What would you think about me writing a YA series set in Twilight, Texas? If you like the idea, would you prefer it to be just regular stories, or have some kind of paranormal or magical realism? Would a spin-off ruin Twilight, Texas for you? Or enhance it? I'm thinking magical Christmas cookies or an alternate universe in the cemetery or the secret behind the sweethearts's legend.


  1. Hmm. I can see a YA series for it. I think that would be nice and, of course, open a new avenue for you. :) As for paranormal... I think if it was kept along the lines of the legend, along the lines of soul mates, destiny, a little help to nudge couples together from that magical/mystical angle rather than, say, a werewolf and vampire type of paranormal, it would be awesome. I love when lore and destiny weave together. And what better time for miracles than Christmas?


  2. For those who like YA books, I think it would be great. Myself, I don't read them, but hey, there are lot of people out there that do... I would say go for it. You never know what will happen unless you put it out there..

  3. I think something magical would be great. I don't typically read YA, but I would read it if you wrote it to coincide with the series. I love this series of books, I kinda stumbled upon them, read one & went out and bought all available, can't wait for more!

  4. Hi Lori!

    I can't wait to read them! The magic cookie stories sound especially unique. The graveyard stories intrigue me too. When I first read your Cookie Club book I thought it would've been great to read Sarah Collier's picture book.

    I have a million questions like: will they be YA romances or a different genre?

    Will you change the name of the town? I wonder how the YA audience will perceive the name Twilight.

    Are you thinking Middle School/High School age or a bit younger? (If your target group is young enough I can share them in my school.)

    I'm pretty excited about your new idea.