Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fresh Fiction Scores TV Coup

I got this letter from Sara Reyes at Fresh Fiction and wanted to spread the word. We need more TV shows feautring romance, so please go comment on the WFAA website and tell them how much you love romance!

Gwen Reyes (@ReelVixen) will do a 4 minute segment on Good Morning Texas called Buy The Books (original, no? LOL) with their co-host Amy Vanderoef on Wednesday, May 2nd. She’ll be talking about books with the same themes as 50 SHADES OF GREY but not hard core erotica. In other words, she’s talking ROMANCES, you know that new fiction everyone’s reading? In PUBLIC!!!!

If all goes well, and I have complete faith in Miss Gwen, she’s very good on video, why not live television in one of the country’s biggest markets? But she’s going to need our support. If you can’t watch it live (9am – May 2nd   channel 8), please DVR it or check out the video segment that will be posted later http://www.wfaa.com/good-morning-texas ; tweet (include @WFAAgmt ) and Facebook it (https://www.facebook.com/wfaachannel8 / http://facebook.com/FreshFiction) and most importantly comment where ever possible on the WFAA site about how much we loved it, love books, etc.

This will be the start of a three month try-out, after which it could be a regular feature.  And best of all, they’re allowing us to connect to FreshFiction.com where we’ll have a landing page for the viewers with a list of all the books selected and featured.

All in all, this is utterly fabulous and I’m so proud of all the work done over the years by each of you to get us to this point. As we keep saying, ‘it’s the year of Fresh Fiction!’

Sara Reyes
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