Saturday, May 26, 2012

Live Online Event

I'm having an online party for the release of Kiss the Bride. We'll have a reading, a Q&A, and talk about sexy heroes, but most of all there will be prizes for EVERYONE who attends the event!

It's May 30th. You'll need to preregister @ (

But it's absolutely free. Everyone will receive either a book from my backlist or a $5.00 gift card to Amazon, your choice. Hope to see you there!


  1. Thank you for hosting the chat. I was listening with one ear while I was at work. :-)

  2. I am listening to you as I type this. It is SO much fun to hear your voice and also Jill's. I loved when you two talked about being just regular people who go to the dentist and buy dog food. So, you don't sit around wearing feathered boas and eating bon bons? I am so disillusioned! ;-)