Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Nephew

I am so proud of my nephew, Riley. He is fifteen years old and has type 1 diabetes. Yesterday, he spoke to kids at an elementary school about what it is like to live with diabetes. The school is having a walk-a-thon this Friday to raise money for diabetes research.

Way to go Riley!!!


  1. Three Cheers of Riley... I have type 2 Diabetes and that is enough for me to cope with, I can't imagine what he has to cope with..

    1. It is hard for him. Can you believe he gets made fun of a lot by kids at school for being diabetic? It makes me so mad!!!!

  2. That's awesome, Lori. What a special young man. Go Riley!

  3. What a cool guy! You have to be button-bustin' proud!!

  4. Congratulations to Riley for his foray into public speaking. There's no way I could've talked to a room full of people about my disability when I was fifteen. He's definitely courageous!

    I hope they raise a lot of money in the walk-a-thon too.