Thursday, June 7, 2012


Lately, I have been on a spree of making cheesecake. I had always been a little hesitant to make one because of the water bath. But after watching Alton Brown on the Foodnetwork, I decided to give it a try. Now, I am making all different kinds.

Did you know July 30 is National Cheesecake Day?

New York Cheesecake (my husband's favorite)
Pennsylvania Dutch (my father's favorite)

Philadelphia (my mother's favorite)

I think next I'm going to try:

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries!

Cheesecake On A Stick

What is your favorite type of cheesecake?


  1. I've always loved my mom's no-bake cheesecake. But if anybody was going to convince me to take the baked cheesecake plunge, it would be Alton! Love him. He takes the fear out of food, imo.

    Plain cheesecake is my fav, but if I had to pick a flavor, it would be apple cheesecake or blueberry. Yum!


  2. My mother in law always makes us a cherry one ( our favorite ). I think I might try the stuffed strawberries, it looks great.

  3. Stacy, I was thinking about the stuffed strawberries and you know... if one wanted to take a total shortcut, they could use the Philadelphia cheesecake mix in the refrigerator section. Done.


  4. I was never very fond of cheescake, mostly because everyone made Cherry Cheesecakes and I am not fond of cooked cherries. Iknow,may seem weird, but that's the way it is... But when they came out with different kinds of cheesecake, I started to get more into it. I tell you the best is just to put a slice of plain cheese cake with fresh berries.. I am in heaven then..