Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh, those Heroes

I attended Lori Foster's reader event in Cincinnati this past weekend and had such a lovely time meeting readers. If you ever have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. Low key, great food, wonderful company. But most of all lots and lots of talk about books  and heroes. I realized as an author I focus on the heroine too much in my stories and I came home resolved to give my readers more of what they want. Those hunky men!

I found a photo of the hero from my work in progress, ex-Navy SEAL, Dade Vega.

Dade is all dark and twisty. His mother died when he was a kid. His father was a drug dealer. Dade ended up in some not so great fosters homes. He doesn't trust anyone, except his foster brother and fellow Navy SEAL, Red Daggett. Now, Red's gone missing in the small town of Cupid, Texas after sending Dade a coded Mayday text. Dade comes to town on a mission. Find Red and get the hell out of Cupid, ASAP. But Dade never counted on cheery Natalie McClearly and the snap-crack sizzle of love at first sight...

So what do you think? Should I pay more attention to the heroes and less attention to my heroines?

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  1. It's funny you mention this. A friend of mine has steadfastly maintained to me that - when it comes to romance - it's all about the hot guy. Give the reader a hot guy, in action, with lots of yumminess, she's happy... and that the heroine is way less important. She has to be someone the reader likes, of course, but she's far "less important" than the hero.


  2. I think paying more attention to your heroes is a WONDERFUL thing but please keep your heroines strong -- it's your writing mark and we would miss it if you changed. Love the pic, by the way! Thanks for the great reads.

  3. LMAO... *raises hand* That would be me, Julie & Lori!

    I definitely read romance for the guy. LOVE a good male POV. Love a good, raw male. I'm already female, so IMO, the only purpose a heroine has is to be relatable enough for me to slip my own sense of self into that character so that *I* can wear her shoes for the duration. *G*


    Oh, an example I can give would be "Midnight Sun", Stephenie Meyer's version of Twilight from Edward's POV is waaaaaaaay better than Twilight.

    Guess I just prefer being in a guy's head for a change. *G*

  4. That is one sweet picture.. I think my heart just skipped a beat... I love your heroes.. Pay them all the attention you want!

  5. I like Dade. I want to meet him. More is always better when it comes to heroes!

  6. Krysia,

    Midnight Sun facsinated me. I enjoyed knowing what was going on in Edward's head. Too bad it'll never be finished.

  7. Oh I think you have to give your Hero's some equal time, espeically if they look like this... Yea Baby..