Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mumford & Sons

I've found a new band. Love their folk song style and insightful lyrics.

Have you discovered any bands lately?


  1. LOVE Mumford. Have seen them live probably 8 or 9 times--they really are that great live. It's awesome that they're getting so much recognition this past year. It's pretty much impossible to choose a favorite song, but I think Awake My Soul is definitely top 3 :)

  2. I love these guys, too! Have you seen the videos where they are playing in a bookstore? The lead singer also has a book club on their website. What's not to love about this band? :)

  3. First time i have seen or heard these guys.. They are not too bad..
    I have not discovered any new bands lately...

  4. I've got to try more of their songs. Had no idea they'd been aroundn since 2007.