Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Giveaway Blog Talk

Want to receive a $5 gift card to Amazon? It's easy. Just visit me and Jill Shalvis today at 3 p.m. EST at:


Then come back here and post in the comment section about something we discussed and I'll send you the gift card via your email address, so be sure to include it in your comment. If for some reason you can't post here, email me @ loriwilde@aol.com

Thanks so much for listening!


  1. Hi Lori. I loved the chat. One thing that was discussed was the main emphasis of the story. You focus on premise and Jill focuses on characters- usually the guy.

  2. That was a fun 'listen'!

    I was a little surprised that you said the more you write the more ideas come to you. I'm afraid I'd be a 'one idea' kind of writer..this gives me hope!

    I like the traditional type heroines but like to break away and read about one that's maybe just a little bit 'odd'-gets away from same old same old kinda.

    Thanks for the giftcard..will put it to good use, that's for sure!



  3. Wow...that was awesomme! To hear how you write in sprint's. I wish you would write more "flaky" intense ladies!!! I love those kind of characters. Great interview.

  4. Thank you Lori and Jill for a great conversation. I'm glad I got to listen in.

    I liked the discussion on your writing processes and the tidbits on your lives. A question was asked if you experienced writer's block and it was interesting that you didn't experience it, although you have been stuck in the middle of a story before. Dreams do come true since you've always wanted to be a writer and it was mentioned that it's important to do what you love so that it doesn't feel like a job. An advice you gave for getting over insecurity in writing is to just do it. I agree!

    One of my favorite parts Lori was when you said Kiss the Bride focuses on the camaraderie of friends just as much the romantic relationships. They go together. I like stories that focus on both these things.

    ~ Na


  5. Lori, I must be losing my mind because I thought I posted a comment here. I don't see it though. Hmmm... Well anyway, I enjoyed listening to the chat today. My favorite part was when you two were asked if you walk around on a cloud with rose-colored glasses because you are romance authors! It was SO disillusioning to find out that you are just "regular" people!!! ;-)

  6. Ack! Forgot email address. I think I must be having one of those senior moments. :/
    castings at mindspring dot com

  7. I find it interesting that Jill focuses on the guy characters and you on the main part of the story. It was a interesting listen conversation.

  8. Thanks everyone! Gift cards on the way!