Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Answer the Damn Phone!

Remember I told you we have an active gaswell. Right. Across. The. Street?

I live in this weird nether world between country and city. There's ranchland surrounding our property on all three sides, yet we're in the city limits. Across the street is not in the city limits. Some gerrymandering thing.

The gas they want is actually under our land (no we don't have mineral rights so we don't get a penny) but lateral drilling lets them put the well across the street and suck it out of land in the city limits. Sweet deal for them, huh? Not so sweet for us.

Anyway, I digress.

For several days now, I've been hearing this telephone ring. I thought for awhile that I had tinnitus. Then I realized I only heard the ringing when I was in my office which faces the street.

I knew it wasn't my phone because the ringing wasn't loud enough. I thought perhaps it was my husband's cell phone, except he has funny ring tones for everyone and this was a normal, old fashioned phone ring.

Remember there are ranchlands on all sides of us, so I know it wasn't a neighbor's phone. I tried noise cancelling headphones, but I could still hear this faint ringing. Finally, I went in search of the sound. I stepped outside and waited. It wasn't long before the ringing began. It rang and rang and rang...from right across the street.

My husband was outside and I asked him what the ringing was. He says, "Oh, the guys working the gaswell have a phone mounted on a post and they're busy so it takes them a really long time to answer.

Peeved, I went back in the house. The phone was still ringing.

Hey, guys at the gaswell, answer the damn phone!


  1. Maybe you could accidentally cut their phone line late tonite. If they never answer it, they probably won't mind!

  2. Maybe you could accidentally cut their phone line late tonite. If they never answer it, they probably won't mind!

  3. The gaswell sucking oil from under out land is across the street also, but down fifty yards. Had no idea there were phones there. Hate having the ugly well there. Let's go for solar and wind energy, why not?

  4. That sounds absolutely maddening. I thought we were in the age of cell phones. Hope all turns out well or........have your husband accindently mistake it for a rodent and shoot it.

  5. Oh I would be getting even more pissed. I would going over there and taking the danm thing off the hook...That would teach'em

  6. I don't know how they can put these wells so close to houses, schools, etc. They could explode! Seriously!!

  7. I thought when they were close to houses that they had to surround the well site with those big panels to mitigate the sound - no?