Friday, September 23, 2011

The Cadillac Ranch

So The Clone decided she just had to have a vacation. How come she gets a vacation when I have to stay here and work? But get this, she decides to go to Amarillo. It wouldn't have been my vacation spot of choice. I'm more of a Hawaii kind of gal. She sends me these photos from her visit to the Cadillac Ranch.

When I was a kid the cars where all solid colors, but in these days of prolific tattoos, I guess the cars now have them too.

The Clone says, "graffiti can be beautiful." So now she's an expert on funky art?

She certainly looks like she's having fun.

But secretly, I think she went up to Amarillo to moonlight for Jodi Thomas. I caught her reading an advance reading copy of Jodi's The Comforts of Home.

(Ptts, don't get a clone. You think they'd be loyal, but oh no. The minute your back is turned they're off reading some other author.)


  1. This is amazing..I have seen it a few times before...Hope the clone had fun...

  2. She did! She spray painted one of the cars!!!

  3. I would love to be there. Wow, your clone is pretty adventurous. Hopefully you can convince her to write on your behalf when you sleep ;)