Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Downside of Being Skinny

I've been a yo-yo dieter for years, gaining and losing the same 30-40 lbs my whole adult life. But this spring I hit my all time top weight. Determined to do something about it, I took myself in hand and lost 32 pounds. I'm now almost the same weight as I was in college when I ran marathons. I have to admit I feel good and it's exciting to get into a size 4/6. But this weekend I discovered an unexpected downside to being skinny.

Remember that outdoor wedding I attended? Well, we sat on these hard wooden bamboo chairs for four hours throughout the wedding and reception. 32 pounds ago I wouldn't have noticed a thing. But I had to keep getting up and moving around because my hips bones ached. The following morning, my fanny was so sore I could hardly get out of bed!

How do skinny girls do it? Maybe that's why they stay skinny. They're up moving around because it hurts too much to sit down. Good thing my office chair is thickly padded. There are some positives to having meat on your bones. No need to carry cushions with you wherever you go.

How about you? Ever found a downside to something positive that's happened in your life?


  1. I don't have that problem since I do have "enough" padding! I think I would like to experience being skinny, downside and all. :-)

  2. good for you!! I think I've reached that point myself and need to do something about it. For some reason or another, my own sickness or an elderly parent sickness, I haven't been consistent about dieting and exercising.
    As for your question as far as a downside to a positive, I have found that my new job may be less stressful but it also more monotonous and sometimes not enough work to do. I'm finding that I have to slow my pace down and not rush to get it all done NOW. It's picking up but it was nice to be busy and now it's sometimes boring. I should point out that I will take the sometimes boring job any day over the over stressed job hands down!

  3. There is always two sides to the coin, aren't there, Eileen.

    Also, skinny women are more likely to get osteoporsis. Just means you have to exercise more.

  4. Cheryl,

    I used Medifast and I'm amazed at how well it worked. Completely stunned. The weight just rolled off. Two downsides of Medifast. It's expensive and in the beginning the food tastes awful. Weid thing though, after a week your taste buds change and you start to like the food and you lose cravings. I can't say enough good things about Medifast.

  5. I have always had a problem with weight. I loose a few and then gain a few. I was once down 30 pds. The most i have ever lost. But I gained that back and a few more..
    I have never heard of Meadfast.. Is it something like Jenny Craig or one of these types of diets??

    And I have more than enough padding, and I still feel uncomfortable sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time..

  6. A co-worker mentioned Medifast today too. She is skinnier than ever. I'm swimming laps, but still being stubborn about the diet thing. Two recommendations in one day, Wow! It seems like a clue.