Saturday, September 17, 2011

Your Man Will Love This

This is amazing. You know that some man made this. Hard to believe someone spent $3 million, but look at all the minute attention to detail.

My mechanic husband sent it to me. He can stare at it for hours. What about you? What interests the man in your life?


  1. That was so cool!! My husband is into TRAINS!! As long as I can remember we've had a train garden around the Christmas tree in all sizes. Last weekend he was showing me a new train he would like to get for this year! He got one of my sons involved and they go to town setting it up.

  2. That's amazing! I'm totally sharing this with my father. He's an airplane/airport junkie who makes model planes. He'll get a kick out of it.


  3. Amazing.. But I have a better use for the money...

  4. My hubby used to work for Delta. He's a total airplane geek.