Friday, September 9, 2011

Lori Wilde Runs a Combine?

Okay, the clone is really irritated that I'm not giving her credit for all the stuff she's doing. It's harvest time here in Texas and the corn needs picking. Since I'm up to my neck on deadlines, I've sent out the clone to do the work. Oh, she wants me to call her The Clone now. Sheesh. Next thing you know, she'll want her own name.

Here's the field.

See why it's got to be harvested today?

Can't wait for the buttery goodness!

Hurry up The Clone.

She's such a camera ham.

Is there harvesting to be done at your house? Want me to send The Clone over when she's done here?


  1. Thank God your sitting in a John Deere Combine. I would be disappointed if it was anything else. They make incredible machines, they almost run themselves.

  2. But of course. Only the best for The Clone.

  3. Too cute! I was visiting a friend in SD this summer and I never realized how big that machinery was until I stood next to it. It's HUGE!

  4. See how well you juggle? Three projects and The Clone! Go, Lori!!!

  5. Thanks for making my day, Lori :)

    This is such a cute post. For a second there I thought you really were there! This gives me an idea, I should do the same thing for places I want to be...hmm perhaps in a Scottish castle or a Texas ranch.

    I wonder where The Clone will end up next...

  6. Well I just happened to have me some fresh Ontario corn tonight for supper...

    You look good in that combine...