Sunday, September 18, 2011

Singing Sunday

Got music? I discovered this song and artist because she was featured on the last episode of season four of Damages. I love that show. Glenn Close is awesome and wicked scary as Patty Hewes. If you haven't seen Damages and love high tension drama, start with season one on DVD. The song echoes Patty Hewes and Ellen Parson's ongoing conflict.

Anyway, heard this song, checked it out. Love the 1960's vibe. For some reason her voice makes me think of Petula Clark. If you don't know who Petula Clark is, chances are you were born after 1970.

What about you? Discovered any new music lately?


  1. Can't say that I have.. Love this song though.. Thanks for introducing me to it..

  2. If you love dark drama, Damages is awesome!

  3. Ah Petula Clark. A little before my time ('74) but I love those oldies stations. LOL. This song is new to me but I liked it. :)

    New song discoveries for me -- a little late since the song was released last year, I believe -- is Jar of Hearts by Christina Peri

    And I'm really digging Hadise even though I have no clue what she's saying in half her songs. LOL. The beats and the sound (Turkish/middle eastern) are really attractive to me, probably because I've got a couple of stories they fit really well with.

    Superman by Hadise is my current fav:

    And my infectious fav is Martin Solveig with Dragonette in "Hello." It's starting to pop up on tv a lot too now.


  4. Cool! Thanks for the recommend, Julie.