Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Makes You Vulnerable?

Vulnerability is the number one trait that makes readers connect with a character. I came across this awesome lecture by Brene Brown. It got me thinking. It's long but worth watching.

My question to you. What makes you vulnerable? Do you have trouble embracing your vulnerability? Go ahead. Be authentic. Be real. Take a risk. You are enough.


  1. My family makes me vunrable.. I think because there is almost nothing I wouldn't do for them. And they know what buttons to push. But I am learning to say NO now. It took my mother getting sick and passing away for me to start putting myself first a bit more..

  2. Good for you Kathleen. I found this very interesting because we try so hard to hide our vulnerablities when it's the very thing that makes us connect with others. What is it about being vulnerable that scares us so?

  3. I have trouble being vulnerable. I keep things from my past hidden. (A teacher with a GED probably wouldn't be well received in my town. They didn't ask on the application. I didn't tell.)

    I never had a weight problem before I moved here. Brene Brown's connection between addictions and invulnerabilty is spot on in my case.

    I've let some information slip out recently, like being a teenage mom. Those who know have been accepting. I won't tell about the GED though. The Army may have done away with the order, but in this town my lips are sealed.