Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Blogger Emma Cane

Let's give a warm welcome to Emma Cane! 

Top 10 Reasons to Love Small Towns—by Emma Cane

Hello! Thanks so much for welcoming me today. I’m Emma Cane, but I’m going to be channeling Emily Murphy, the heroine of A TOWN CALLED VALENTINE. 

Emily returns to her mother’s hometown of Valentine Valley, Colorado, to sell a building she inherited, only to discover she’ll have to stick around and do some renovations. Emily is a San Francisco girl, who plans to return to college to find a new direction for her life after a nasty divorce that left her penniless. Then she meets sexy cowboy Nate, discovers there are secrets in her past, and suddenly her path isn’t so clear…

So here are Emily Murphy’s Top 10 reasons to love small towns.

10. The view—the snow-topped Rockies are stunning where they rise up to cradle Valentine Valley.
9. Clapboard storefronts are the same as they were when silver miners strolled into Valentine to spend their treasure.
8. Dogs frequent restaurants and stores right along with their owners. And they go on dates with you, too.
7. Everybody  wants to know your business, but it does lead to great friendships.
6. Small hotels like the Sweetheart Inn are so casual that you can climb up into the hills behind them and visit the hot springs—just you and your guy.
5. They still treat you like family even when they only knew your grandmother.
4. Nowhere else will you find quirky old ladies living together in a Victorian mansion called the Widows’  Boardinghouse.
3. Secrets don’t usually stay secret for long. Some things need to be shared.
2. Pool tables can be used for more than a game of pool.
1. There are sexy cowboys in these small mountain towns.
I’m giving away a free book to one of Lori’s fans, so follow this link to sign up on a google form.  
Then come on back and let’s talk about what you like about small towns!

Note from Lori--Come back here tomorrow for a two-for-one giveaway featuring Emma's book A TOWN CALLED VALENTINE (Colorado) and my backlist book ADDICTED TO LOVE that features Valentine, Texas. Stock up for your Valentine's Day reading.


  1. I am excited to read her

  2. This looks like a great book and would love to win and read. I filled out form.
    I love small towns. I live in the country outside this very small town in central Iowa. The town has about 200 people in it, including the country. I love it. It is quite and when you go on vacation people watch your property and make sure that no one brothers your stuff. I love that if you need anything people assist you and are not hesitant to help.

  3. Chistine, your town sounds wonderful! It's exactly the type of place I tried to make Valentine Valley.

    And I need to mention how my heart melts every time I see Lori's header above, where the cowboy is holding the puppy. Awww...

  4. Have never her books but love the sound of this book. Will have to look for it.

  5. Hi Emma. Your book sounds great. I love small town romances.

  6. Congrats on the new book and series! It looks really good.


  7. These books are on my tbr list.. Can't wait to read them.

  8. Thanks Eileen and Kathleen! Hope you enjoy the book!

  9. I can't enter in the contest, but I wanted to say hello and big congrats to the new release, Emma! Sounds like a terrific start to a new series. I absolutely love small towns, just move to one. From big city to a rural area

  10. Dannyfiredragon (love the name!) sorry you can't enter the contest, but I'm very glad to hear from you. Enjoy your new small town!