Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School's back in Session

I'm back to class. How about you? I can't wait to get started on this one. It's novel writing course. I signed up for the class to make me write an idea I have for a story of magic realism. I don't ever make time for side projects, so if I do it as part of school, then I know it will get done. Plus, hopefully, it will make me a better writer.

As for Giveaway Tuesday, today's prize is a $10 gift card to Amazon and it goes to Caroline Allen for being a top fan on Facebook. Congrats, Caroline.

Come on over to my facebook page and interact to be in the running for next week's top fan. The prize will be a new release of your choice, from any writer. You name it, it's yours.


  1. Oooh magic realism! I'm a fan! I've got a story (well, technically it's one in a series of contemporaries) that has a bit of magic realism running through it.

    Can't wait to see it, Lori!


  2. Honestly, I laughed at the thought of you taking a novel writing course. You're a best selling author! But, it's always great to hear other ideas.

    I'm not sure what magic realism is. I'll have to Google it later. I'll be looking for your novwl.