Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Release

I've been so busy I forgot that I have a book out. You know you're officially a veteran author when you forget you have a book out. It's an anthology from Harlequin Blaze, (about wedding crashers) with Wendy Etherington and Jillian Burns. We had such fun working on this project and oh my goodness we got such a lovely review from The Fictional Bookshelf. I hope I'm able to work with Wendy and Jillian again in the near future.

The three authors Lori Wilde, Wendy Etherington, and Jillian Burns did a wonderful job creating three unique stories that all fit around one element - a Hollywood starlet's wedding.

Each story inside By Invitation Only was amazingly sweet and hot.

Lori Wilde's Exclusively Yours was cute and funny. I loved how the main two characters, Olivia and Nick, bickered back and forth. When they weren't at each other's throats, they were quite romantic.

Wendy Etherington's Private Party had two main characters that were charming. I loved how Wade Cooper, the main male, helped Tara achieve her goal and figure out why Tara was losing business to a secondary character.

Jillian Burn's Secret Encounter was filled with two secretive characters, Peyton and Quinn, who sizzled the whole way through the story. Their passion for one another left me breathless.

What I loved about the book.
1. All three stories did not just have a similar theme; they were tied into one another through a common link.
2. The pacing of the stories felt natural and realistic.
3. Because there were three anthologies I managed to read one story and put the book down to do other things. Then I came back and picked with the next story. This book would be great for those who only have minutes to spare for reading. You still get the quality of a great read but with fewer words.
4. Despite the fewer words per story, the authors packed each tale full of quality entertainment and thought provoking `moments'.
5. Each individual story can stand on its own.
5. Last but not least, the descriptive nature and tone of each story left me without any doubt as to what each character looked like, how they felt and etcetera. I was impressed.
--5 stars, The Fictional Bookshelf.

What about you? Have you ever been so busy you've forgotten about something important?


  1. I think there may have been a time or two when I have forgotten something important. I always make sure I write things down on my calender and put it into my on line calender with a reminders every so often that something important is on the books.

  2. Already bought it! It's now 1 of 3 books in my TBR pile. I loved the concept that all 3 stories tied into one event. I thought that was a unique take on the anthology.


  3. Julie,

    The anthology was my idea. My editor called and asked me to think of something and then she gave me a long list of things we couldn't do. I was a bit proud of myself for coming up with the idea.


  4. Zowie! 5 stars. Congratulations! I love this idea. I think this just went to the top of the TBR pile.

  5. Well it's an awesome idea! I think it would be fun to see more anthologies tied together like that.


  6. It was fun pitting a journalist against a blogger. Timely. Plus, my dad was a journalist. He used to take me to the news desk with him with I was kid. Writing this brought back memories.

  7. Yup... I saw it in the store and was like... WHAT!??!!! I too was so busy I didn't catch it on the To Be Release list! and I picked it off the shelf and dropped it in my cart! :) So now it's on my TBR pile! :)

    Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work.

  8. Hello all, I know this post is a little late, but all three stories were great! Lori's was the best, of course, but they were all fun!