Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Office

I have reclaimed my office after deadline. (Translation: I cleaned it.) My husband said I should have taken before and after photos but there was no way I was going to let you see it before I cleaned it.

The nerve center:

The bookshelf:

The back corner:

I only clean after meeting deadlines. This time I had dealines back to back so it hasn't been cleaned in months. I lit a Lavender Vanilla Yankee Candle and now the office smells good too.

Do you have a room that's all your own? If so, where is it? What things do you do to make it special?


  1. Lori, I love how you've deemed your office 'the nerve center'!! :-) My workspace isn't mine alone. Although my hubby has offered to let me have his office. It would need revamping -- new coat of paint, hauling his things to the basement, etc. Egad! Who has the time? lol!

    By the way, your office looks like a cozy place to work. Love the wall color and the white window frames :-)) (and I especially like the bookshelves)

    Good job!!

    Jan Romes

  2. We redid my office last year. I painted it purple because that's supposed to boost creativity.


  3. Great office.. I knew there was a reason I wore a lot of purple, besides being one of my fav colours...
    I too like how you have called it the "nerve centre"

  4. Hi Lori,
    I agree, the color is beautiful and love your bookshelves. The room that I consider my own is our guest room but we're such hermits we rarely ever get visitors! It's got a blow up couch that I used when I lived in Texas for one month and had no other furntiure and a wall size Jimmy Fallon poster that an Arizona mall gave me after they were done promoting his movie!

  5. How funny. I've had the urge to paint my room purple for a while now. Had no clue the color was linked to creativity. Such a pretty office and well organized and LOOK at all those books! Very cool! I love that there are all sorts of success reminders in the office. :)


  6. Good for you! Cleaning up the office is a great way to help with work-related stuff. The organization, the lack of clutter, helps at work while making the place look better, so good job!