Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In publishing it seems everyone in NYC vanishes on vacation in August. Here in Texas, I wish I could take a vacation. It's so miserable hot. I spent my vacation dollars on the RWA conference. Loved it, but it's work, not R&R. Instead, I'm doing a staycation. Sleeping more than usual. I need the rest and it's the only way to beat the heat. And I'm reading about places I'd like to visit. My husband's family is from the Czech Republic and Prague looks lovely. I'm putting it on my dream vacation list.

What about you? Have you had a vacation this year? Are you planning on taking one? If not, what are you doing for your staycation?


  1. My husband and I don't get vacation with our jobs so we have to take long weekends. This year we took our usual trip to Kentucky to see family. It was still hot there. Wishing we could make it to the beach for the weekend, but that doesn't look like it will happen. School starts in two weeks. Where has the summer gone?

  2. I have not had any vacations away in a long time. I mostly get weekends up to my friends cottage here and there. I am planning to go to PA and see good friends thier in the late summer..But first I have to get my passport...Yep because of 911, we have to have passport to cross the borders.oh well I would need it sooner or later..
    I hope you have a good stayhome vacation...

  3. No vacation this summer, but I am planning a trip to Arkansas in early October, just to relax.

  4. October is a good time for a vacation.