Sunday, July 17, 2011

What are you doing today?

I'm lazing around after meeting deadline. Have to get off my duff tomorrow and do revisions on another project and start cleaning my office. (It goes to heck in a handbasket when I'm on deadline)

What are you doing today? Reading anything good? I'm going to start reading The Help.


  1. The Help sounds good. Isn't that the book they're turning into a TV movie (or is a series0?

    I'm spending the day running errands and doing laundry. Blah. Hardly exciting.


  2. The good thing about today is that I have no plans, which means anything goes. I might head out to do some grocery shopping, then some much needed reading tonight. Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

  3. Lori, you are going to love The Help.. When I started it I could not put it down...
    I watched Secreitiart I PVR'd and then wathced the final of the British Open... WOW the Irish are taking over the game of GOLF.. Three Cheers for Darren Clarke....but my Phil M came in second..

  4. Had the house to myself today, so I just sat and read a book. ;o)

  5. I went back to school shopping for school supplies. Some of the stores are not ready yet! I just started Bones of a Feather by Carolyn Haines.

  6. I am looking at my TBR pile and it's eyeing me back. I think it creeps closer to me while I sleep.

    I'm letting my mini me have a friend over. It's actually too hot to go to the pool. They're going to play Sonic Colors and I'm going to work on my WIP.

  7. I stayed up reading last night and wanted to sleep in but the phone rang early this morning.
    I took my mom to town grocery shopping and running errands. I want a nap right now but I need to fire up the grill to cook this evening.