Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Yesterday turned out to be a good news/bad news kind of day.

Good news. I learned Grand Central will be rereleasing The Wedding Veil Wishes next year. Two stories in two books. There will be gorgeous new covers I can't show you yet and new titles.

Then I got the revision letter for the book I just turned in. Let's say it's not pretty. Gotta throw away about 50% of it. I went overboard with the subplots. Too much emotion diluting the impact. Ouch! Being a writer is hard.

Good news. I lost two more pounds this week. I love this diet. Have lost 24 pounds since May 5th.

Bad news. Line edits due on first book in my Jubilee, Texas series. Novella due Sept 20th. All this in between massive revisions and teaching my writing classes. I better get to work.

Looks like I cursed myself when I said I was bored. What about you? Had any good news lately?


  1. Youu must have felt like a YoYo getting all this good/bad news. But like you said life is never boring that way... That what life is like and as I always just SUCK IT UP and get on with it... LOL...Hard sometimes I know, but we do it anyway.. Good luck with all your revisions, because I know the outcome is going to worth all the work..

    I did have some good news... I talked to my twin neiece and nephew yesterday, it was their 10th birthday and along with their older brother, I hope they will be coming to my house next week to spend some time. That always makes me feel better...

  2. Oh that was fun, talking with the twins.