Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's too hot to think

Miserable hot here in Texas. If I wasn't on deadline, we'd hop in the RV and drive North. Instead, I'm working. And my characters live in Texas, so even in my story, I'm stuck in the heat.

So I'm going to close my eyes and imagine myself in a cafe in Europe. Ah. That's better. Let's order something cool to drink.

Where would you like to be today?


  1. I would certainly rather be in Europe too. In a haunted castle in Cornwall with cool stone beneath my feet, or maybe in Venice in a gondola with a glass of chilled wine and a plate of cheese with Italian beefcake fanning me.

    It's miserable hot in KS too. And it stinks like death. I live near the Missouri River, so everywhere it's flooded over is rank like a fetid swamp.

  2. Anyplace in Europe sounds divine, but for today, I am going to virtually visit Alaska. I am picturing cool skies, mountains all around, sea animals and seafood. That should tide me over for the rest of this day.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Ugh. It's hot here in Illinois, too. We were 95 today and, even though it's after 8 pm here, we're sitting at 86 still. *sigh* I miss Fall. :(

    Right now I want to be sitting on a stone bench beneath the shade of an old tree with my feet in the cool, cool water of a fountain while the soft scent of lilacs swirls in the breeze.

  4. I would love to be sitting on the beach of the Alantic Ocean,in Ireland with a beautiful Errigal Mountians of Donegal behind me. It would be a cloudless blue day, the waves would be crashing upon the shore and the breeze would be blowing ever so slightly...aaaaaaaaaahhhh

  5. I would be at the beach. Even in our dirty water beach of Texas. Just knowing that you can jump in the ocean and cool off a bit has a definite appeal. Since that won't happen anytime soon, I am praying for rain!!!