Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vicarious Eating

My heroine is a baker so the book is chockful of food. This is the first time I've ever tried dieting while on deadline. Actually, I feel really good. Better than I usually do at this point in the writing process. No cravings, but boy, writing about cakes and pies and cookies and not eating something sweet is like going to the movies and not getting a big ol' tub of buttery popcorn.

My heroine has a mail order business baking Texas-theme desserts. I've tasked my baby sister (she's the baker, I'm more of a cook) on coming up with the recipes we're using in the book.

There's Dr. Pepper and pecan praline cupcakes. (Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco, Texas and pecan is the official tree of the Lone Star State.)

 And spicy cowboy creme brulee with carmalized chipotle sugar.

There's mockingbird cake. (Because it's so delicious you'll be singing a medlee of songs like the Texas state bird when you eat it.)

Let's not forget the prickly pear cookies.

Or the giddy-up pie....

Did I say I wasn't having cravings? I think I lied.

What about you? What are some of your favorite desserts? Are you a baker or a cook? It seems people are either one or the other, except for those folks who eschew the kitchen all together. 


  1. That giddy up pie looks like my fav Pecan Pie.. In fact I just finished off the one I bought last week.. Heated it up and put some fresh whipped cream on it..ymmmmmmm
    Whoops sorry Lori... didn't mean to temp you.,,good luck on your diet.

  2. I do both -- cook and bake. I think one of my favorite desserts is apple strudel. Not with puff pastry though, has to be the rolled out, hand-stretched dough. The recipes been handed down for who knows how many generations. We all tweak it the way we like it so it's individual, but it's definitely a labor of love.


  3. Yes strudel from hand is a labor of love. My husband is Czech and that's the only way they do strudel.

  4. Wow, look at all the food *hunger pains*. I am a baker and I love making bread and chocolate chip cookies and pizza. I know they're very different and random but they're the easiest to make and I can never go wrong with those.