Monday, July 11, 2011

Deadline Dementia

I'm in deadline dementia. This is where I'm writing eight to ten thousand words a day or more to finish a book. I write from the minute I wake up, until the time I go to bed. I'm bone weary but at the same time, it's a crazy kind of high. I'm fully submersed in these characters. It's a mad process but it works for me. In order to bring the story to life I must sink into the depths. I have trouble telling what's real and what's all in my head. It's a strange place to live.

What about you? If you're a writer what methods do you use to become the characters? And if you're a reader do you ever get so swept away in the story that you feel everything the characters are going through?


  1. Lori, as a reader of books, I feel the story the most when I can relate to what is happening to the heorine and hero. I love to get into the characters and feel their pain, joy, sorrow, happiness. Cry their tears and jump up and down for joy when the villian or villiness gets what they so richly deserve... It all makes for wonderful reading.

  2. As a reader, ITA with what Kathleen said about being pulled in the most when you can relate to what's going on with the characters. For me, similar opinions and mindsets help as well as solid conflicts that really put something at stake. If what they want/need/are fighting for is low key or unimportant, I'm usually thinking, "Who cares?" as I'm flipping pages. The goal has to matter. The loss if they don't reach that goal has to matter. And the most important thing (for romance) is the relationship between the Hero and Heroine has to build for me on the page. I'm not a fan at all of the insta-love or "I love you!" that leaves me frowning and thinking a) why?! b) when did that happen? and/or c) yeah, I give them 6 months before they're in divorce court.


  3. Fortunately, I get swept away all the time in the stories I am reading. I always invest my emotions into a story, connect with the characters and many times fall in love with them. I root for their happiness, and if it is a romance trust in the author to leave the characters in a happy place. A story that is truly amazing will resonate with me long after I have finished it, as for the time I am reading it, I take the characters with me everywhere with me, including my dreams.

  4. I totally agree with what the ladies have said! I read so I can escape and get caught up in the story.

    BTW - totally awesome picture. Good luck with the dementia!

  5. In total agreement with the previous comments.

    There have been times when a book has me cry or laugh out loud which has earned me some strange looks!

    I feel sorry for people i know who do not read - they don't know what they're missing.