Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reader Events

I'll be at the annual Fresh Fiction event of Readers and Ritas in November. Sara Reyes always puts on a terrific party. Yes, it's months from now, but the reason I'm announcing it today is that if you register by July 31, you can save $25 on the event.

We'd love to see you at 'readers and ritas". All the authors bring gifts to the readers at their table. Visit the link above to see if your favorite authors will be there.

Have you ever been to a reader/author event? If so, what's your favorite part?


  1. oooh sounds like fun! I see a lot of names on that list (yours included, Lori) of authors I'd love to meet. Sounds like it would be a great time! I'll definitely share the links around and let people know.


  2. I have never been at one of these events, but I have a few on my bucket list....

  3. Thanks Julie. I love the events because I get to meet readers face to face.


  4. Attending author events and collecting signed copies is one of my hobbies. I suppose I'm just a groupie.

    My favorite event was The Book Babe Project. It was a fundraiser for a bookseller who developed cancer. As a young woman and small business owner she didn't have health insurance. For the benefit ten authors, including Stephenie Meyer, hosted an author's panel. Stephenie also auctioned several items including the original and alternate ending to the Twilight series.

    These authors were obviously close friends and it was fun to watch them interact. One part that surprised me was Stephenie Meyer's answer to the question "When did you first feel like an author?" She stated that she still didn't feel like one. I guess a person can sell a gazillion books, but she's the only one who can decide if she's an author. I wonder,at what point do you say I'm an author? After watching her I wished people would be more gentle with their criticisms. She seems to be a shy person.

    I hope I can attend the Readers and Ritas event.