Monday, June 20, 2011


Wasted the whole morning trying to settle an issue with medical billing. We paid the bill in full at the time services were rendered and yet, we get a bill in the mail saying it's past due. Grrr...Don't you hate it when someone else's mistakes become your pain in the behind?

First, you get those robotic voices that put you through menu choices that make your head spin and you get stuck on hold for half-a-million years, but you don't dare hang up because you have to start all over again. Then you get cut off and have to start all over again. Finally, by the time you access a human, you momentarily forgot why you called. (Okay, maybe that's just me, my mind tends to wander to story characters when I'm bored.)

What about you? Any hair-raising stories about corporate mix-ups that cost you time and money?


  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. Medical bills are the worst, especially when you can't even read them half the time. My hell on earth lately has been with Comcast. I switched over to their digital voice and internet because I was having problems with my AT&T landlines (old wiring and hello! expensive electrician fees! omg!) and it was nothing but a hassle. 7 customer service rep calls and 4 techie repair guy visits later... Things *seem* to be working, but it took 2 weeks to get everything straightened out and that's not including all the cleaning time it took to get the house straightened up enough for the installation techs to come in, install the new jacks, wiring, etc., etc., etc.

    I'm still arguing with them about the billing because every time I call? I get cut off. I hate those stupid automated menus. Easier my eye! LOL!


  2. About 10 years ago I was scheduled for an MRI. When I got to the office they told me that my dr. didn't send the referral instead of calling me, they let me drive all the way in there. Anyway, I rescheduled it for the following week. Everything went as planned and the MRI was a success. About a week later I received the bill from the office and the explanation of benefits from the insurance company. Paid in Full! Yay! A couple weeks later I received a separate bill from the office and a denial from the insurance company. The MRI office billed me for the MRI I didn't have AND for the MRI I did have. The office worked it all out for me and took care of the problem but I still have all of the paperwork and duplicate bill in my just never know (although, by now I'm sure I can discard the paperwork).

  3. JewelTone,

    I always dread switching over. Seems like invariably there's a glitch.


  4. Sapphyria,

    I feel your pain.

    Once I got refused for being out of network because the post office changed my zip code. I hadn't moved, but the insurance company wouldn't budge. Jerks.

  5. Lori, I couldn't agree more. Medical bills and insurance inquiries are the worst and so time consuming. I have been billed many times for charges that I was not responsible for. I have also had our insurance company incorrectly process claims I have had to appeal. It's so important to know your plan, your coverage and keep records.

  6. Oh for sure.. I had to go with my dad to a tribunal for the aprartment where he and my mother lived. They said he was in arrears on the rent and they were evicting them. He had all the cancelled cheques and even the court officer we had to see at first could not understand how things got to where they escalated. I had to take a half day off work to go with him. I put in a bill into them for my time, but did they pay it... No.

  7. I can't post to your Facebook page for some reason. However, I want in on the next round of prizes.

  8. Happy Summer Solstice. I expect Lori to be dancing out under the moon tonight. :)

    I hear you on the hospital bill screw-up.
    That is one reason I hate having anyone in the family have anything done at our local hospital.
    My daughter was injured at work back in April. We told them it was to be filed under workmans comp. Low and behold she gets a bill 3 weeks ago wanting her to fork up for the emergency room visit.
    When I called billing they said they didn't know it was supposed to be filed on work mans comp. Hopefully they got it straight but I suspect she will get another bill . It usually takes multiple trys for them to get it straight.