Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's Saturday, what are you doing?

It's Saturday. Most people have the day off. Not writers. But even though I'm working, I'm on the beach in Key West as I revise my Blaze Born Ready for the Uniformly Hot series. So even though it's all my mind, I'm enjoying that beach breeze.

How about you? Where are you today? Doing anything fun?


  1. My dog woke me up early so I have already been outside watering the young plants and took the dog for a walk. I plan on washing the furniture on the back porch in just a bit.

  2. I'm spending the morning waiting for Comcast to come in and install digital phone service (finally! a working phone!) and my new internet service. Hopefully all will go boringly well and easy. :::knock wood:::


  3. I am just hanging out at home.. We have had quite a storm here this monring... Thunder, lightning and lots of rain... So a good day to just read...

  4. My daughter and I have been out to do the grocery shopping, had breakfast at our favorite spot, and have been finishing up the prep work for our French themed luncheon with our friends tomorrow. I need a nap!

    Enjoy the day, everyone!

  5. Doing what I love - SHOPPING! Than off to see XMen and will hit up a little Italian for dinner afterwards.

    Hope everyone else is enjoying their day!

  6. Getting hair cut, walking dog, then going off to pick up the dog's birthday cake.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. I had to do a dirty job today. I have a large compost bin that is full and needs to be cleaned out to the bottom. Three years worth of compost that is rich black soil with big earthworms. I spread it out everywhere I thought it was needed.
    Very satisfied with my days work.