Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kindle Contest rules

Win a Kindle® on Wilde Lane Contest Guidelines

Welcome to the Lori Wilde and Katie Lane Kindle® contest. Here’s how it works:

Starting on June 1, 2011 we will be posting clues everyday until June 10, 2011 on either Lori’s or Katie’s websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts. The answer to each daily clue will be one word in the final question. (Example: Clue 1. Who, What, ___, and Why. The answer would be Where and would be the first word in the final question. The next day would be the next word and so on until you have all ten words in the question.) When you have the final question, be the first to email the correct answer to one of our email addresses and you’ll win a new Kindle! (only one answer per email address please)

Here is the schedule for finding your clues: (Lori all odd dates. Katie all even.)

June 1st the clue will be on Lori Wilde’s blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account
June 2nd the clue will be on Katie Lane’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter account
June 3—Lori’s
June 4—Katie’s
June 5—Lori’s
June 6—Katie’s
June 7—Lori’s
June 8—Katie’s
June 9—Lori’s
June 10—Katie’s (final clue will be posted at 12 noon Central Time)

Remember, we cannot accept the winning answer on Facebook or Twitter. (legalities) You must email it to us via our websites. or

Good luck to all!


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  2. There has been some confusion as to how this works. To clarify:

    Each day we will give clues to a one word answer. That one word will
    be added to all the other one word clues each day to form a sentence
    at the end of the contest. The sentence will ask a question. When you
    have the sentence, determine the answer to the question and email it
    to either me or Katie. The first person to get the answer wins the
    Kindle. We decided to do this so it's not a random drawing.


    Clue #1 What
    Clue #2 do
    Clue #3 you
    Clue #4 win
    Clue#5 if
    Clue #6 you
    Clue#7 guess
    Clue#8 the
    Clue #9 answer

    This would form the question: What do you win if you guess the answer?

    In this example, the answer would be: Kindle.

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  4. Rather you have a drawing from all those who submit the correct answer but thank you for doing this.

  5. I have to agree with Robert :)