Friday, June 24, 2011

No Diet Friday

The gloves are coming off. I'm taking a stand. Expressing a controversial opinion.

Okay, I flat out admit it. I'm prejudice. I think nothing compares to Tex-Mex cuisine. Yes, I've been to California and had Cal-Mex. Meh. Other than the guacamole, I was underwhelmed. Chili powder, people. That's all I'm saying.

I went to Tennesse once and some folks took me out to a Mexican food restaurant and holy taco, the enchildas tasted like lasagne. Cal-Mex beats the pants off that.

I know Tex-Mex isn't authentic Mexican food. I don't care. Tex-Mex rocks. Just ask any homesick Texan desperate for gooey enchildas drowning in cheesy chili-gravy, refried beans and rice.

And unless you've got some Texas blood flowing through your veins, or you've spent a few years in the Lone Star state, put down the tequila. You can't make a decent margarita.

Here's a link to a Tex-Mex chili gravy recipe that's the real deal.

So for you Tex-Mex fans, enjoy the pics.

Oh, and when you order pecan pralines in Texas, it's pronounced pa-con. Not pee-can. I don't want to eat a pee can. Do you? Sorry to be militant. I just feel strongly about my Tex-Mex.

What about you? What's the best food in your region?


  1. Mmmmm. The best Tex-Mex I ever had was during a stay in San Antonio on the River Walk. Even though it was December we ate on the 2nd story deck. For a Chicago girl even the cooler Texas temp was like a heatwave. Everybody else was wearing gloves and coats and I got to chill with some of the best beef tacos (actual shredded beef!), handmade tortillas, chips, and guacamole. I don't even *like* guacamole and I thought theirs was good!


  2. I'm getting hungry just looking at those pictures. Plenty of food over here, and we're known for having great fresh Seafood (crab, salmon etc.. Pho, Sushi (even though I'm not a sushi lover) are also notables.

  3. The best food where I live, clams, Dungeness crab.

  4. I haven't been home to San Diego in over a year now...which means I haven't had a proper plate of rolled tacos in as long! (Skinny rolled tacos, not giant ones...those are flautas...a layer of guac,then finely shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a couple little tubs of secret red hot sauce) There's not that much to it! That and an apple pie from Julian!