Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

I was reading a happiness survery and according to this survery the happiest people were between the ages of 75-79. I was surprised, but heartened to hear this. More happiness. Something to look forward it! But the article got me to thinking. What defines happiness for you?

Is it a quaint place to live?

Is it a family of your own?

Is it a beloved pet?

Is it decadent food?

Is it a hobby?

Is it nature?

Is it faith?

Is it a nap?

Is it a day at the spa?

For me, the key to happiness is gratitude. Maybe that's why the 75-79 crowd are the happiest. They're just grateful to be here. Today, take time to list ten things you are most grateful for. The minute you express gratitude, you stop taking the small things for granted. And the small things are what often make you the happiest.

Have a happy Saturday!


  1. These were beautiful... I think that at this age, there is less to be really worried about. I think all that all the can happen to you has happened already and now you can just enjoy life. I would hope that age we should be able to find peace and contentment.

    What make me happy today is spending time with those I love..

  2. I have quite a ways to go to reach that age bracket, but I can say that I am a lot happier now that I've retired. The stress of travel to and from work, the office politics, and just trying to keep up with changes in the workplace technology are gone. I just don't care about a lot of the things that were once important in trying to being successful. And, it is very 'freeing' to say that out loud.

    Being with my family and friends and having good books to read are what make me happy now.

  3. I'm in my mid-60s and feel happier than I've ever been. I have survived cancer, retired, have my wonderful husband of 45 years, 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I can do what I want on a daily basis which usually involves visiting my library, reading, "playing" on my computer and simply enjoying life. I am so thankful for what I have and for where I am.

    Connie Fischer

  4. Ten things I’m thankful for:

    • My mom who taught me how to make Sunday chicken dinner
    • My sister who took her to see the Chicago skyline
    • A swimming pool
    • Twisty forest roads, campfires, tinfoil dinners and marshmallows
    • Seeing my boss, whom I haven’t thought of all summer, and being glad, for a bit, that he is my boss
    • Feeding a calf milk from a bottle and scratching its rough fur
    • Cherries from Oregon and heirloom tomatoes from California
    • Cool night breezes with the fresh scent of rain
    • Sharing the secret of sitting just to the left of center in a movie theater row with another right eyed friend
    • Watching a movie without having read the book first

  5. Rain on a tin roof while I'm snuggled up with my hunny, the Winter season, Autumn decorations, spiced apple candles, my furkids, Nikki and Diesel. The comfort of knowing that at each day's end, God still loves me!