Monday, August 22, 2011

What's On Your Desk?

What do you keep on your desk? Besides the usual things like computers, Ipad, office supplies, books and manuscripts in progress, I have on my desk...

Noise cancelling headphones.

Red, heart-shaped beads I got on a trip to New Orleans.

Family photos.

My writing and running trophies. (Bit of ego, I know)

A miniature pink cowboy hat.

What about you? What personal items do you have on your desk?


  1. I have speakers for when I want to listen to music, a Dr. Who mug full of pencils, pens, highlighters, etc. a dragon box to hold all my bits and ends like stamps, paperclips, scraps of paper. I also have a stack of index cards, a small calendar, and flashlight (cause it never fails, I'm always at the computer when the power goes out). I'm boring functional. LOL.


  2. I have picturs of "my Kids", my nieces and nephews, A glass of water, a container of Execel White gum, a jar with pens, pencils and sissors. A file folder holder, my phone, a couple of books, Nail polish remover and nail polish and hand cream. Oh and a power surge bar, speaker and a lamp and a new cartridge for my printer. A calender. and assorted bits of paper to be checked and put through the shredder.. It really needs to be cleaned up. I am searching for a picture I lost and it could be somewhere in the junk pile.

  3. I routinely de-clutter my desk and aside from the office suplies I have a pair of earrings (a new pair each day), a chapstick, some hair ties and a couple usb drives. I have a stack of scrap paper for my daily to-do list and a pen. I need to add more colour to it!

  4. I have a few family photos plus chapstick and hand lotion. I feel like I have all my drinks lined up to keep me hydrated throughout the day. All at my fingertips!